This is my visual novel I made in renpy. Ver 1.0 while very sick and overmedicated in high school. Ver 2.0 was finished April 2nd of 2022.

The goal is to survive the day with two pastel goths. Find their secrets and figure out how to keep them from stabbing you to death. Good luck!

Features include:
- An unlockable CG Gallery
- An unlockable character page
- Pastel goth girls :D

I plan to add more information to this page soon. Thank you for your patience.

Read Me
Please be aware this is a horror game inspired by 90s choose your path novels. There is blood..

Thank you my dear beta testers:
Stella (
Zed (
Io (
Dubuk (
Saifey (

They all have games! You should play them

Credits for Music:
Wutzl (
Plasterbrain (
Potential Issues
Issue Fix
Music Not Playing
Clear your cache, especially on firefox. Exit and return to the page.
Images are pixelated
This is a browser game issue and quite noticeable on firefox. I recommend clearing your cache and if that does not work, using a Chromium browser or downloading.
An Error with the Word Full Traceback
Click ignore and it should run fine. If it doesn't, please let me know.
Game Running Slowly
Clear your cache. If you did and it's still running slowly, use a Chromium browser or download the game. Apologies.
Another Issue Not Listed
Please dm me on twitter @ophanimkei

Download Here or Play In Browser on Itchio