A Special Case

Aseroe is a special case. An angel working as a reaper is a rare sight, and they seem to have no qualms about this. They grew up under the name Blue in Ithal though nothing else is known about them because they refuse to talk about it no matter how many letters they receive asking them about angel society. It is a shame.

Aseroe arrived in the Middle Level and immediately studied to become a reaper. They started a relationship with Sucre despite their opposite demeanors.The two were a very frightening pair together.

After graduating, they spent a considerable amount of time working until they were seriously injured during an assignment. This led to their partial retirement from that profession. They still do some work but it is much less dangerous much to Aseroe's dismay. Aseroe is constantly encouraged to retire completely, but they refuse. Sometimes they're offered higher positions in exchange for more information on Ithalian society, but they never respond my letters.

Aseroe has been on extended vacation for quite some time. Their location is currently unknown.