The first realm to come into existence was the Upper Level. It is where the cycle of life begins. With the beginning of life starting here, there is a lack of knowledge among the living creatures here. The reapers try to keep their presence hidden among the creatures here and the other realms existence are not really known to creatures living here.

The people of the Upper Level are known to worships things they don't understand. The angels like to take advantage of this, much to the reapers' dismay. There is a rumor among creatures in other realms that if you are worshipped enough, you will become a God. This is ridiculous, however, the angels are obsessed with the Upper Level as a result of this pitiful rumor.

The ultimate goal of creatures in the Upper Level is to reach an understanding of the universe, but because they are so isolated from the other realms, this likely will not happen. Creatures in the Upper Level who begin to have an understanding of the way the universe works often end up in mental institutions, and in some rare cases, their actions lead to the reapers eliminating them.

It's important to note that cyborgs and robots originated in the Upper Level, and they are hardly, if ever, seen in other realms. The reapers have not figured out how to approach the existence of robots yet.