Ommatophilia - It is being developed in RPG maker MV and has been in development throughout 2021. The goal is to release it by Q4 of 2023, but I hope to release a demo during Q2 of this year.

You play as young angels in the realm of Ithal over the course of 7 days in a world that is very Perfect. I hope you have a good time.

This game features some characters I draw frequently aged down a bit- around 18, 19, so they're designs and personalities differ a bit from how I draw them in other situations.

A minitare demo will be uploaded soon. Please look forward to it.

devil's food -

This is my short cute survival horror visual novel. Ver 1.0 was made it while overmedicated and struggling with art and creation in general. 2.0 finished development April 2nd of 2022 and I can confidently say I am not happy with the project. It is available for download here.