devil's food

This is my short cute survival horror visual novel. I made it while overmedicated and struggling with art and creation in general. It is not canon and the artwork is old and flawed, however- I am happy I was able to create something, and I hope you can enjoy it despite it's flaws :-) It will likely be privated after my next project release due to it's nonsensical nature.

Download Here

Before You Play
This is Devil's Food. Before you play, I'd appreciate if you read my foreward.

Devil's food is a project I made in the year 2019 while overmedicated. I could not think properly, I could not write as I usually do, and art drained me.. I just really wanted to create something. I threw myself into a project while unable to think straight and going through horrible things in my personal life.

It's very flawed, so please do not be disappointed. Despite it being flawed, I did put a lot of my heart into it- the most I could offer while very sick and struggling to think straight. I hope you can enjoy it and look forward to things I make now that I am well. The key to enter is 'invega'. If you read this far, thank you very much. I hope you can go in knowing it's not the best I can do and not be disappointed.