Rice Cooker Pancakes

Welcome!! Today we will be making rice cooker pancakes. This is not a very thorough recipe; it's for people who do not have a lot of energy or time for a variety of reasons (disability, disorders, laziness, etc etc!) We are all in this together.

You will require:

Rice Cooker (I personally use the $18 Imusa Rice Cooker).
Pancake Mix (I use the complete variety)
A largish bowl A thin cooking utencil / toothpick

STEP ONE - Oil the rice cooker bowl. You can use whatever you like. Pam, cover it in olive oil. whatever. Just remember to put something in it. I recommend doing it first thing or you might forget and it will be a horrible experience.

STEP TWO - Prepare the pancake mix- each brand of pancake mix has its own instructions. I recommend making the smallest portion since it often makes multiple pancakes. You can also make your own batter I guess though that's out of my Range. I use the complete mix which only requires the box batter and water.

Now, You might be wondering- can I mix it in the rice cooker bowl to minimize the amount of dishes. I personally would not recommend this as it can get pancake mix all over the rice cooker. It is more of a pain to deal with this than mix in a different bowl. It is why I recommend having a bowl for mixing. I just use a large tupperware bowl.

STEP THREE - Make sure your rice cooker bowl is has oil covering the sides (or another non stick liquid like pam). Pour the mix into the rice cooker bowl. Try to keep it in the center so that there isn't excess on the sides.

STEP FOUR - Now you wait. This is the "tricky" part. If you have an old fashioned rice cooker like mine, it will automatically switch to warm after reaching a certain temperature. The pancake can not cook like this. So, when it switches to warm, I unplug it for a a little bit (30 seconds to a minute maybe?) to allow it to cool down. Then, I plug it back in.

When the mix starts to look solid, I stick a fork in (a toothpick or other thin object also works) to see if any pancake comes off on the fork. It should come out cleanly. You might wonder how often you should do this. The first time I cooked the pancake, I did it every five minutes. Now, I really just check anytime I turn it back on cook. It is Very difficult to burn, the most that could happen is that the top of the pancake is a bit harder than you expect, but trust me, it is still good even if you are disappointed.

STEP FIVE - Remove the pancake. Now, there are probably multiple ways to do this, but the only way I've found to remove it afely is to take the bowl out of the rice cooker and turn it upside down over the plate. I have tried to stick a fork beneath the pancake and other utensils, but I always tore it.

I will provide many examples!

The Ideal Result for Me (able to get consistently after some practice)

Early Attempts (All Very Yummy But Not As Pretty)

I hope this is yummy for you! Feel free to email me any questions! Remember to be careful too.. It's very easy to get a stomache..