welcome to my corner of the internet!

Welcome to my hovel- my escape from hell online! This is my website- which is currently being coded from scratch. I hope you have a nice time exploring. Feel free to laugh at my typos

site updates
9.21.22 - I added a cbox.. on the guestbook page.. I asked my friends to comment so it wouldn't be empty. I also added a lot to the reading page.
9.19.22 - I added a reading page. I'm trying to add more things I can update continously.
9.13.22 -Recoded the kitchen page! The layout came to me in a dream and I sketched it in my intro computer science class. Fun fact of the day.
8.6.22 - Won some site awards from Cadnomori (thank you fox) :D Added them! Still working on the site overhaul.... That may not actually happen though.
8.2.22 - I've decided to recode everything. Look at this layout while you can, it'll be different soon.
8.2.22 - Added a page about Squid Girl World. One day I'll make my project pages look good.. One day.... Note I've lately been making a lot of pages really quickly with the intent of fixing them up later.. I will actually do that soon..
8.1.22 - Machine Girl page added. I did it pretty quickly so it'll probably be updated later.
6.13.22 - I made a Second Life page! That's all really. I hope to add more to it.
6.9.22 - I just wanted to say thank you for 69k views. A funny number yes, but also, I don't really pay close attention to my stats on anything. I didn't expect to get this far. It means a lot that people tune into my little website and look at the silly things I write.
5.25.22 - I merged ophanimdev with this site. ophanimdev links will redirect here for a while until i delete the site in a few weeks.. everything under all under one umbrella brings me peace. I am working on a big web page
5.16.22 - I won some site awards! I'm very sad lately so site updates are getting smaller and smaller unfotunately. Updates will continue to be tiny until I feel better.
5.7.22 - There's been updates to the ring, the Ommatophilia projects page (I released the demo of my game!). I'd like to redo all the projects pages very soon.
4.8.22 - My dog passed away. I am working on a memorial.
4.8.22 - Drew angel wings and eyes for the navbar and more of my art is around the website :") Trying to use my own graphics (or gift art) for things now! The cherries are by me too. Next up I will replace all the home images.
4.6.22 - I made a webring for RPG Maker fans. There is a webmistress page. Currently making abetter links page, the old links page is called the neighborhood. I changed the intro a bit, will probably change it again.
3.28.22 - Guestbook returns! It's at the bottom of this page and in the navbar... Sorry for taking it down. Paranoia real. I'm doing other little changes today which I'll do a full rundown of in a little bit. Also got rid of my marquees.. Poor performance is starting to be too noticeable.
3.9.22 - Yume Nikki page added and it's in ze navbar. Don't have a job right now so kill me if I don't update some more stuff haha.
2.23.22 - Sister site, ophanimdev, has launched! It is accessible from the index page and the outgoing link in the navbar. It will be used for business things (zines, portfolio, etc etc). This also comes with updates entrance/index page! Might do more later. There's been random portfolio updates but nothing super notable.
1.21.22 - Happy new year. Sorry for no updates- tired. Updated some art pages with new content, added media section though pages aren't visible yet, added outgoing links, added shop page.
12.22.21 - Added rice cooker pancake recipe!
12.19.21 - Little cooking diary! Not finished really- will have some layout updates at some point.
11.27.21 - Did some edits to the jquery, added a silly myspace page, did some layout changes and updated my portfolio a bit.
11.19.21 - Navbar now uses jquery! Bought a .com domain on a whim. Updated some icons- added more indepth projects pages. Commission sheet added, links page updated a bit (still not finished), portfolio messed with a bit, excuse any typos.. Sleepy
11.16.21 - Added in depth project pages, added an entrance, all of these are unfinished so expect more in the future!
10/27/21 - Added portfolio page, fixed scrollbars, added jquery, added projects page, replaced to-do with change log (working on to-do code). Work tomorrow just wanted site to look a bit more functional before I went to bed.
10/25/21 - New layout
9/23/21 - New blog layout and a lot of new youtuber links added as well as a few neocities sites. Will add more to misc sites soon
9/20/21 - Fixed links, updated blog with some big things. Apologies for silence
8/29/21 - New guestbook link since old host died. Old messages lost forever so sign sign if you can! New links added to the links page! Bigger updates soon- I prommy!
08/05/21 - Nothing big- just edited site buttons a bit and fixed some messy html and typos, added marquees to about page with buttons and stamps I like.
08/03/21 - Jaup button added, links completely updated (added youtubers and sites and stuff)
07/21/21 - Error 404 page added, new scroll bar added, portfolio replaced with curator widget, buttons and blinkies added to about, commission link added to portfolio page and removed

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