Beepbox - A chiptune music program that works in browser
Bitsy - A little pixel game engine that works in browser
Twine - An interactive story game engine that can also work in browser. Can be integrated with Bitsy
Online Blinkie Creator - An online blinkie creator- has some other goodies too
Error Messager Generator - Make your own error messages
Renpy - A visual novel engine that uses it's own scripting language and python
Glitterphoto - Basically blingee but functioning in as of 2022

Nana825763 - A horror artist and game developer. I highly recommend POKOPOKOPIKOTAN.
Atomic Shrimp A British YouTuber who enjoys foraging, scambaiting, and crafting. His scambaiting videos are very popular but I personally enjoy his mushrooming videos and woodworking
The Vape A guy who makes music instruments with various objects.
danooct1 A Youtuber who showcases viruses, malware, and worms
Shintaro Kago - A popular horror artist. This is his youtube channel which is less well known for some reason
AliasConradColdwood Archive - An archive of Alias Conrad Coldwood's music

Fun Stuff
YN Project - Hosts Yume Nikki games and fangames online. 2kki is here
Piracy.Moe - Website that lists piracy sites. Do you need to find something very obscure that definitely doesn't have a license? I recommend starting here. Apologies for the NSFW /images.
Open Library - An online library with many many books
Libgen - books
Guide to Access Z-library via Tor - For reading and textbooks
Yokai - Japanese folklore encyclopedia