Welcome to the Kitchen!

Hi welcome to my food diary! This is mainly aimed at disabled people (and also anyone who identifies as too lazy to cook properly), so don't judge me too harshly!

Note: This is a huge WIP rn so it's a bit all over the place!!

I like to make omurice a lot. It's very easy. It results in only a few messy dishes, the rice cooker bowl, the bowl you whisk the eggs in, and the pan. I like to draw hearts on the omurice.. But usually I end up adding a lot more ketchup because it's not enough. It's nice for images though.


Rice cooker pancakes are really yummy and big. I really like to take pictures of them, but my tummy has been sensitive lately so I've been eating them less often. Rice cooker pancakes can be even larger / wider. I've seen images on reddit before.. I use a cheap $20 rice cooker from Amazon, so mine do not compare haha.