Today is the day! I have returned to my cooking hell... <--- Burned out from game development realized I had pictures of cooking in my phone and never my cooking section. We will be making very very very very basic Omelette Rice (or Omurice.)

The steps of this.. Really vary depending on how you make your rice so bare with me.

You Require
- Ketchup (or tomato paste)
- White rice (minute rice is fine)
- 2-4 Eggs
- Frying pan

STEP ONE. Make the rice, either by putting it in the rice cooker, the microwave, the stove, whatever suits your fantasy. I personally use white minute rice and my rice cooker since it stays warm. (A rice cooker is $18 on Amazon. Highly recommend.

STEP TWO. Next I add ketchup to the rice.. Sometimes I add soy sauce. I also read that some people add japanese worcestershire sauce and other things like vegetables and meats. I don't bother but it would probably be much better.

STEP THREE. Egg. I am very bad at making omelettes. My method is finding a very small frying pan and cracking the eggs into it. It covers the surface of the small pan making a circular shape for me.. I still am not perfect at this so sometimes the egg is more overcooked than usual. It is trial and error. I also like to add salt and pepper to the egg.

STEP FOUR. RUN FAST. Put the rice on a plate. Now, grab the pan and flip it over the plate.. I hold up the egg with a utensil until the pan is completely flipped over and the nlet it drop onto the rice..

STEP FIVE Ketchup. Cute shapes are really fun for images, but afterwards, I add more ketchup to the egg in criss cross shapes.

Here's some examples. A nice one, a slightly overcooked egg, and a "I did not carefully flip it out of the pan" egg!