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This is a ring for RPG Maker fans, devs, and enthusiasts to congregate? Do you like classics like Yume Nikki and OFF? Maybe you're big fan of newer games like Hello Charlotte and Escaped Chasm? Either way, I am inviting you to join my RPG Maker webring!

This is for all RPG Maker fans alike on neocities!

Read Me:
- At least one RPG Maker related thing must be on your website, whether it be something as small as a Yume Nikki button or a an entire game dev blog. If your site meets the criteria, I will add you to the ring expeditiously. Just fill out this form.

Paste this into your website where you want the button to go! When your site is added to the webring, arrows will appear on the sides :-)

Manager of the ring. Dev and RPG horror enthusiast

Developer of Flesh Blood and Concrete and Yume Nikki fan. Also drew the lovely Madotsuki image.

Developer of Tiredspace and Halope.

The creator of Those Infernal Girls and big 811 fan.

Currently developing! Also hosts Yume Nikki and Ib fanart on their site

A .flow fan website

A Yume Nikki themed personal site

A site collecting RPG Maker music for people to listen to together

A personal site featuring an RPG Maker games shrine and graphics from yume nikki and hylics

A personal site featuring containing a Lisa the Painful shrine

A bright personal site with a yume nikki shrine

An interests and art site by a game developer

A personal site containing an Ib button

A personal site featuring a Yume Nikki page

The website of an artist and game dev, has an RPG Maker 2003 limitations guide and a WIP translation of the OFF website

The website of the developer of 'Manda no Yume,' who is also currently developing ' 'Everlast Reverie.' Both are Yume Nikki fangames. Also has a RPG Maker screenshots page

The website of the developer of RPG Maker games such as Legend of Percivus, Slime Heart, etc

A cute personal site of someone who enjoys rpg horror games

The website of a game developer who has made games such as "Coming Home Late," "Myosotis," and YNFG "They are Confined"

A very cute website of someone featuring a Yume Nikki shrine and upcoming Omori shrine

This is the website of DAIKO, a webmaster who has playtested, made music for, and been a UI artists for several games. They also develop their own games with very cool features

The website of himawariness, an RPG Maker dev who has developed Hansel, Dolchio, and is currently developing Case File: Poe

A Lisa the Pained themed personal website