If you are on neocities, there is a high likelihood you have heard of Machine Girl. If you haven't, welcome to my little party..

Machine Girl is a band known for breakcore music, a rather hardcore genre known for heavily edited breaks, lots of distortion, generous sampling and High-BPM though I'd say their music spans multiple genres and breakcore is just one of them. One of the duo, Stephenson, defined Machine Girl as "fucked-up electronic punk."

Like I said, they're known for breakcore, and my favorite stuff by them falls into the breakcore genre, but I'd like to introduce you to tracks I don't hear talked about as often,


Cyan Hardcore is from the 2020 ep Repurposed Phantasies, which I highly recommend. The music reminds me of the feeling of playing Sonic Adventure 2 as a young child, and I've been listening to it frequently lately as a result. Nostalgia is powerful.

Next up I'll play something that sounds completely different.


Devil Speak was my top song on spotify in 2021 so it'd feel silly not to include it. I'd describe it as being in the process of getting possessed while exploring an abandoned factory.

That's all I have for today folks. Feel free to poke around my lastfm to see if we have similar tastes.