Mousehole - One of my favorite places I've gone to in Second Life. Shown to me by my friend Ollie
Frogmore - Another beautiful place that is/was connected to Frogmore. Some places will make your pc scream though haha
Fox's Folly - An 18+ area that is very beautiful. Contains an area that reminds me of faeries
Hodu Gas Station - A gas Station
The Silent Hill Experience - An area based around the game Silent Hill. It has combat which is the reason I haven't explored it too much.. I think it's cool though
Naomi's Community Threemille - An amusement park! Has rides you can ride and an arcade. Reminds me of Thrillville
Kowloon - A location based on the game Kowloon's Gate. Probably my favorite place in Second Life. I go here regularly
Conejo Island - Conejo Island is run by the artist yogurt200! There's a few people online there. It's very colorful. I like to go take pictures, listen to the cicadas, and go to events like Conejo Beat, a digital rave
Angel Manor - A very lovely Large manor that I haven't fully explored


magnum Yoshikawa - Has cheap and free avatars available! I used the devil girl avatar for a little while
Kiu - Kiu has a lot of kawaii fashion for kemono avatars. I still have a lot of fondness for this shop despite no longer using kemono! I hope someone else can love it as much as I did.
AsteroidBox - A very cool store that specializes in techwear(?)
DRD - I got shoes from here and so did my friend Io! This place can be a bit hard to navigate but there's a LOT of cool stuff here.
GLUTZ - Sells a lot of sexy/risque goth clothing.
Curemore - A really cute store with adorable hairstyle. I'm too attached to my puffs to use the hair here, but I've been eyeing it for sometime
Toksik Clothing - I really like this store. The clothing is very elegant. Think lolita, regal dress, princely fashion
G Field - A lot of sweet girly clothing
Melon Bunny - This store has SO much cute and unique stuff. There's also a section for kemono if you're using that body!
Psycho Bytz - I love this store. It has a lot of dark cyberpunk/tech inspired looks plus some other random things
Rosier - A store specializing in elegant kawaii and lolita clothing

And remember! You're supporting a lot of independent creators when you buy there stuff ^w^