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The Amina Twins

  I saw in her in the church. The moonlight poured into the windows, highlighting a figure with two glowing orbs peering at me through the darkness. Her hair was long and curly.. It almost seemed to be alive, shifting and breathing as it rested atop her head.
 I approached her, and she tilted her head. She opened her
mouth and began to speak in a language I didn't understand. Each word was harsh and short. I tried to search my repetoire for something that sounded familiar, but nothing rung a bell.
 She seemed to try again, shifting to a different unfamiliar language. She stared at me, and I finally noticed the red liquid on her hands.. The smell of copper in the air.
The church bell rung.
 I cried. I cried. Everything hurt.
  The door opened, and there he was. My angel. His empty orange eyes peered down at me. He kneeled down, and placed his hand on my head.
  "Are you experiencing a bad memory?" His voice was dull and rhythmic. I reached for him, his hair wrapped around my fingers.
  He continued to speak, "Sometimes, I see it too: the desert, the sun, the sand. There's nothing left."
  "I just don't want you to be alone," I sobbed.
  He rested his hand on my head. "I'm not alone. You're
here." His gentle smile broke my heart.
  He didn't see the pool of blood beneath by dress. Soon our time together would end, and we'd be seperated by millions of stars again.