community gardens - the scary jokes
  I tiptoed down the stairs of the manor, my foot causing loud creaks to scream from the floorboards. Every once in a while, I could hear the girls' cheery laughs from the room over. It felt mocking- like they knew I was here creeping around their space. It'd just be a little while until they found me.
  And my worries were proven right.. I heard a soft whisper behind me..
  My eyes turned. A tall girl with curly ping hair stood before me. She wore a pink dress in the shape of a cupcake. Her eyes were lowered to the floor as she spoke to me. "It's rude to tresspass you know..."
  The other appeared from behind her. "Are you lost, darling?" Her irises began to swirl like a hurricane at sea...
  I tried to look away but it was too late. A voice as sweet as honey wrapped its fingers around my consciousness. "Tell me what you're doing here, sweetheart."
  "Apologies," I bowed in hopes of being able to escape her gaze, but I felt her fingers under the bottom of my chin. She lifted my head, and I was staring directly into those whirlpools.
  "Are you a reaper? Did Paradigm send you here about those itty bitty disappearances?" Rhythimically she spoke, as if reciting a nursery rhyme. "They've sent so many of you this way... My sister and I just want to live peacefully."
  Charlotte pulled out a syringe. "I'll say a prayer for you.. In the name of Elysia okay?"