Girl Anachronism - The Dresden Dolls


Eleanor walks around college campus in shiro lolita with bandages covering her arms. She's rather morbid and can ruin any conversation with a twisted comment. Many people find her insufferable. Despite this, she has managed to obtain a girlfriend, Calliope, who, for some reason, loves the most agitating aspects of Eleanor. Well, mostly. Calliope would be much happier if Eleanor's mental state was better. She can't stand to see Ellie suffer.

Eleanor loves divinity, bunnies, and the concept of purity. She's afraid of aspects of her being viewed as "impure." She sometimes falls into spells where she believes her destiny is to rot in her room. Calliope pulls her out of this state most of the time nowadays, as Calliope has expressed to Eleanor that if she gives into the bad thoughts and doesn't try to live a happy life, their relationship will have to end

She has made very bad decisions such as spending student loans on clothes, being hired at various jobs and quitting, running to a facility in the middle of nowhere, scrolling through the internet instead of doing homework, and various other things.

Despite Eleanor struggling to be a person, she is trying her best and is generally doing okay. Perhaps with a bit more experience in the real world, she'll be a functioning human being.