The Angel with the Spiral Eyes

Angel Cakes is an angel that resides in Ithal. She has blue eyes with pupils that occasionally become swirls. Her home is in Ithal but there have been sightings of her in the Upper Level.

She has the ability to hypnotize certain people though it is unknown if she can hypnotize multiple people at once. This ability has led to the Thrones taking notice of her, but what they plan to do with her ability is outside of the sight of the reapers due to the angels' secrecy..

Those who have met her claim she is very sweet. It is believed she uses her hypnosis as a backup to get what she desires. Her goals remain unclear, but her actions are likely benefitting the Thrones in some way.

It is no secret that death follows her. The reapers do nothing about it because it would anger the Thrones. The Thrones do nothing about it for reasons that are unclear. This death bringer has amassed a bit of a cult following on certain planets in the Upper Realm.

She has an older sister named Charlotte Cakes she is frequently seen with. They appear to be quite close. It's theorized that Angel Cakes would cease her activities if her sister were to disappear and/or cease supporting her.

May her time in the universe be limited.

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