Bittersweet is an excessively cruel fallen angel. Her actions in Ithal led to her wings being removed and excommunication from Ithal. She currently lives in the Middle Level.

She's very manipulative.. If she thinks something can somehow benefit her, she'll do anything to get it. She enjoys manipulating people; she thinks it's funny.

Her appearance is important to her. Her hair must be perfect with the nicest amount of gel, she makes sure her skin is clear, and her makeup is perfect. When she doesn't look her best, this is usually a sign that her health is getting out of hand.

She believes that she can get anything she wants as she deserves it. People she's interested in, she'll often view as pets. This is mostly due to the fact that she is very delusional. She doesn't take rejection very well and become very irrational because of it. She blames it on irrelevant things. She has a very strong interest in the Amina twins.

Bittersweet has a very difficult time understanding others. If someone helps her, she assumes they're trying to get something from her. If this is not the case, she becomes withdrawn as she thinks about it. If someone she considers an enemy helps her, this makes her reach a new degree of confusion and stress. The only person she accepts help from is Rie as she adores him and she believes that they belong together.

While Bitter is capable of empathy and expressing it, she chooses to ignore it. She's completely pushed down all of her guilt and shame. Sometimes, she's overwhelmed by emotions. She doesn't like to think about morality for too long because she begins to feel very bad.

Please keep a close eye on her S129.

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February 2023
Art Trade Eden
June 2021

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