Kie Amina is one of the mysterious entities in the Middle Level. She claims to be looking for something, but doesn't recall what it is. Her past is unknown and any attempt to ask her about it will be met with hostility. She often whispers numbers quietly to herself. No one is quite sure what to make of her.

It is clear that is the sister of Rie Amina. Whether or not she is aware of this is debatable. It is best to keep them apart. Due to Kie's chaotic nature, Paradigm deemed it best to keep them unaware of each other's location from the years XXXX-XXXX.

It is known that she has an affinity for sweets, and it has been used to calm her down on many occassions. Kie Amina was pacified using chocolate cake after destroying Keski Hospital in year (redacted) 50 years later she was prevented from leaving the Middle Level with the promise of a luxurious bath of chocolate jello. The entity S129 has been assigned to Kie Amina to prevent her from leaving the Middle Level and to keep her at bay. Failure to watch over Kie Amina could lead to (redacted).

Kie's antics led to her being a reaper during the years XXXX. She excelled at combat early on. Her chosen weapon was a silver vulture shaped scythe. Its origin is unknown. Her brother, Rie Amina, appeared after hearing of his sisters' actions as a reaper. Paradigm did not prevent the two from making contact.

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