The Goddess of this Universe

Paradigm is our beloved goddess. She is fond of green tea and resides in the Middle Level. It is unknown who reigned before Paradigm or what power she possesses, but you are expected to obey her without question.

She is always looking for those who are special, who stand above the rest. It is partially why she established hierarchies among the reapers, to spot those who are deemed as special.

She is the the commanding officer of the reapers, and any reaper worth their salt wants to earn Paradigm's respect. She is far too kind to the souls who serve her. Very rarely does she issue out punishments. Often, she will just quietly whisper about her disappointment in your ear. Your soul will be crushed by her motherly whisper.

Paradigm is theorized to be the last god. The angels disagree with this. Paradigm does not offer any comment. return