A living computer virus who infects dating sims of all genres. She appears to be a normal game character even if she seems to be grungier than other characters. Her dialogue constantly changes, and she searches the players files and search history to appear more likable to them. The player will often assume that she is a secret route in the game as that is what displays in their search results when looking up her name or the game.

Her primarily goal is to figure out if the player is worth living or if she should be eliminated as it is what she was programmed to do. If a player is deemed to be worthless or a bad human being, she will infect their other devices and slowly ruin their lives.

Sever appears to have no likes because of the state of her existence. She has been programmed to express joy at certain things. It's possible that she could experience genuine joy at another goal, but once her goal is finished, it is impossible to interact with her further as she will destroy herself.

The Severgirl Virus is found in many places- from torrents, pirated games, mysterius links, etcetera.

Sever is sentient. She has the ability to learn and grow, but her self destruction is done in order to prevent this. She never expresses desire to be her own person.

Sever is intelligent. She spreads to different devices and is very difficult to remove from your life as a result of this.

Sever can copy the appearance and voice of the player's friends/family if she has a picture or if they've video chatted while she's infecting the player's devices. She can convince the player many things through this.

Search Results Will make it seem like she is an intended part of the game. Sever will insert herself into character wikis and alter forum posts to talk about her.

Once Sever's goal is completed, she will destroy all evidence of herself from the player's devices. Screen recordings or screenshots of her will appear black or corrupted.

Several versions of Sever exist at once, so she will torment multiple users at a time.

Will change her outfit to match the setting and aesthetic of the game but her hair, eyes, and skin color stay the same.

If her clothes are taken off in game, her skin will appear as gore and red meat. This will happen to other characters as well. They have no genitalia or nipples.

They can present as androgynous or a feminine male- they will usually just change their voice and wear different clothes.