Goal Before Notes Completion Notes
Leave North America I'd like to leave north america once in my life. this is finally happening in 2 days so this is also coming to fruition! I've technically gone on the ocean on a ship.. but.. guess more specifically I want to go to another continent! Not completed yet
Buy my first lolita dress and make a coord Since I was a young teenager (or a preteen), I've dreamed of diving into lolita fashion. I especially focused on the OP Nameless Poem I finally purchased Nameless Poem in early 2021 and it arrived in April! I went to my first meetup, and it was such a lovely experience! I can't wait to have dozens of lolita dresses in the future!
Go to Japan I want to go to Japan at some point in my life. For a few weeks or months. There are many reasons. One, I want to buy lots of things without dealing with terrible shipping! Two, I'd like to go hiking and see Jizo Statues. It would just make me very happy. Three, I want to go to Akihabara and see all the electronics. Four, I'd like to visit Harajuku. Four, I want to go to Hokkaidō! Five, I want to go hiking though I'm not sure where yet. There's a lot of other things I want to do and see in Japan but this is a brief list! Who knows if I'll actually do any of it if I visit.. not completed yet
Learn Japanese There's a lot of reasons I want to learn Japanese and I feel as though most are very obvious if you know anything about me, but I will explain a few. There is a lot of untranslated media I'd like to read and understand the nuance of rather just putting it through a translator and hoping for the best. Four, I'd like to spend some time in Japan, but it doesn't seem very wise while I don't know Japanese at all. Three, I want to be able to communicate with Japanese artists and game developers and show my appreciation of their work. Four, I love JP internet. It's very different from the culture that has been established by neocities being the dominating small web host. I want to be able to go through it a bit more clearly. These are the main reasons though there are many more (some are much sillier) not completed yet
Make an RPG Maker game This is partially completed as the demo of my game Ommatophilia is out. Ultimately I'd like to move on from RPG Maker completely, but I want to make at least ONE RPG Maker game because I have so much love, respect, and memories of the engine. Semi complete. We'll get there!
Make and finish a comic/webcomic I'd like to make a comic or webcomic eventually. I have a lot of respect for the genre, and reading comics in my youth greatly influenced my artwork.. I don't have fun drawing comics, so I'm not sure this will ever come to fruition but dear god I'd love to make one! One started but forever unfinished :c
Collaborate on a project This is really vague. I want to collaborate on a lot of projects with people. The zine released by ophazines was collaborative, so perhaps that should make this be a completed goal? But.. there's more! But I'm working on two projects right now and collaborating with friends (will keep a secret until release), so.. Maybe this will be checked off really soon. Semi completed. RPZinemaker was a collaborative project that I'm really proud of. I want to do more though so it doesn't feel like I can completely check this off yet.
Buy anime figure I love anime figures. They've always seemed out of reach. I didn't understand what a prize figure was or a scale or anything when I was younger, so it seemed like something I'd never do. I am now an avid figure collector. I like Range Murata figures and have a lot of his though I'm still collecting more today! I'm very happy with this hobby of mine!
Live in an apartment by myself Fuck roommates and fuck living at home. Just want my own place to fill with antique furniture not completed yet
Adopt a dog I want my own dog. Not a dog that belongs to my mom or my granny, but my own dog. not completed yet
well i'm going to add more to this list but i have a migraine! tba!