8.31.22 | got a job

i got a job at wendy's. my hours are from 7am to 3pm.
im so sleepy it's hard to write haahahhaa.

i fell asleep in intro to comp sci today. embarrassing :s the disability office is gonna give me a recording software for my laptop, so that should help a lot with things like this.

i go to work tomorrow. it'll be my second day. i work like 32 hours per week. that's a lot for a full time college student.. but i just.. want to afford to study abroad...


8.22.22 | I've Been in a State

My updates here have been less frequent. I just don't feel like typing a lot. I have a lot of things to talk about. Will I talk about all of it though? Let's see.

My laptop hard drive failed. 12 hours of Pathologic gameplay gone. But also, a bit of my game is gone. I'll live though. I was kind of unhappy with the direction of day 2 and planned to restart anyways. I realize I should be sadder about this, but it's like.... It could be worse. I have a fair bit of things backed up on Mega, but not everything. Oh well.

I've been anxious for days. I think I have a new favorite person. I won't go into detail on this because I don't want anyone to know who this person is. Something happened with this person and it caused me to spiral for days. I didn't realize how much my emotions relied on them. Admitting it to myself finally gave me some relief. I think I'll be okay even if it makes me anxious sometimes. My heart is kind of speeding up writing about it, but.. it's good to reflect on.

There's a block party tonight from 6 to 8pm. I think I'm going to go. I'm pretty anxious about it for some reason. I've been in my bed a lot these days. Classes start officially tomorrow, so I'll be forced to get up and study. I hope I can do it. I was so excited before my interaction with that person influenced my emotions. Tomorrow I go to the counselor's office. The day after that I go to the disability office, and the day after that, I start my job.

I don't really know what else to talk about. I hope my happiness and excitement returns.That's all. I think I'll make a notion or something to keep up with my classes. I've never used notion but people recommend.. Or I'll use google calendar...

Nice update. See you later.

8.07.22 | relax a bit

I've been doing a lot. College is really nice.

I'll go over it all. It's been harder for me to write her lately. I'm not sure why, but I want to document my days, so I will try my best.

I've applied to the dining hall. I have an interview the 12th. I look forward to it.

Here's some of my library photos. I've been hanging out there during the day, studying math. I emailed my professor and got a response today. I've been studying all the right things. I am relieved.

I checked out two books: Russia in my Life and the Psychology of Mathematics. I've been reading Russia in My Life first. It's really good. I talked about it with my friend and we found out the author is a racehorse breeder. Entertaining.

Today we went to a baseball game. There were lots of bugs. In the end there were fireworks. I ate funnel cake fries. I've been eating lots of desserts lately.