As more time passes, this truly becomes more of a lolita diary rather than a general diary. The "a lolita's diary" title makes more sense. I worry this is rather dull for people who prefer to see me talk about like.. England. Though I guess that's not what I normally talk about. What do I normally discuss? Checking previous entries... Checking.. It seems I tend to talk about, travelling, clothes, work and school which I should be talking about school way more. It started yesterday. I've been sleeping through lessons again. Whoopsies.

Okay back to lolita. I bought a tartan dress!

I am very happy. I've been waiting to own tartan. Now I want MORE TARTAN. But with black elements instead of white elements next time. People keep asking where I got the OP, so if you're wondering, I got it from Little Bear on taobao. It is also available on 42lolita. It came with a cute folder and charm. Unfortunately, I don't feel like uploading pictures of those. Just kidding. That'd be mean. here.

I didn't expect it a all. I am so happy. I've put the acrylic charm on my keys and the print on my wall. I'll tkae a picture of how my room is looking soon. I've been hanging my clothes on the walls and putting up prints. It's not perfect. I need some more storage, but it's good enough for me. I'm not a born decorater and I'm also very lazy.

Speaking of laziness. To prove I'm not just a lazy dog and can actually code nice website layouts, I'll show the outcome of website commissions I've done recently.

These are for my friends Denparin and Kalin. You might be wondering.. you do website commissions? Yes! Lol. I've never advertised them but word of mouth is a wonderful thing I guess. I added them as an option on vgen though I can also send a paypal invoice too if you'd prefer that. I'll make a page dedicated to it eventually.

School and RA stuff has got me busy as hell and I do training for another job on Thursday. Website commissions don't take forever if the client gives me a clear idea of what they want though. Coding is fun. Also, Kalin drew the assets for their site. Denparin's is stuff from online except for their logo.. You know the typical animecore graphics.

Kalin's site made me want to overhaul my site so I will be doing that to the homepage soon. I'm going to start sketching in class tomorrow because I am the perfect student. Honestly I'm not sure what graphics I'll go for yet. We've been in heaven for so long. And while I love being associated with angels and my chunky borders, I feel as though it has been like this for far too long. I'd also like to overhaul the cooking page. It will no longer be lazy recipes. It will just be a cooking diary. Some will include frozen food. Sorry. I feel as though I've said I'd overhaul it multiple times by now but I'm for real this time. I've been a bit disillusioned with website dev but I'm feeling like I'm back on that kick! Doing Kalin's site really made me see the potential of web design if you're willing to do art along with it. While there is a lot of free sozai in the world, it doesn't compare to making things yourself c:.


8.24.23 | tired

I wanted to write a diary entry before bed. I started writing one earlier, it was a few paragraphs long but I realized it was mostly just me talking about what music I was listening to at the time and that's not really interesting to anyone.

Having a job is interesting. I'm always wondering why I'm tired after working everyday. I'm trying not to complain. I've had worse jobs. This one is better than every other job I've had even if I'm not paid hourly and just get free housing.. If I was paid hourly or got a free meel plan along with the job, then it'd be a A+ experience. but unfortunately i kind of feel like i'm just forced to do activities for no reward since the fruits can't be measured by a new dress in my closet.

I went to my first tea party the other day. It was delightful. The snacks were really yummy, and we had lavender tea which was great. I need more tea in my life. I have to stop drinking chamomile all the time. I should drink some chamomile right now though. It's 11:41PM. I have work at 8AM tomorrow but unfortunately I could not sleep until I did something to get the brain wiggles out...

Here are pictures from the tea party. Everyone's coords were fantastic. Mine really does pale in comparison though I don't mind. I like being a simple girl in my simple coords. I've been venturing into casual lolita (though i haven't worn any of the coords out yet because it's hot as fuck). i've also made a pinterest board for my outfits. Here it is. It's pretty fun to post my pictures somewhere in the morning. Maybe I can make a widget and display them on the website somewhere.

I'm trying to not buy clothes everytime I run out of outfit ideas and force myself to be creative due to my guilt over my consumption habits, but it is difficult when I can't keep layering. I just want to layer forever, but satan's breathing all over the united states. It's too hot to do anything. Well, I'm complaining, but it's way less hot around my college than in my hometown thank god. So I've actually walked around in hoodies.. But it's still far too hot for a sweater.

Oh I want to discuss the zine. We actually got more applicants than I expected and should be the maximum threshhold soon, but we are still lacking on writers. This is unfortunate. Though I did ask three friends to contribute writing and all said yes so if they do actually apply, I will be happy. One will be describing their 3d figure making process, one will be discussing garagekits, and.. I have no idea what the third one is doing I'm actually not even sure if she's writing but you may recognize her!

Next.. Ommatophilia dev is going smoothly. I'm making more progress than I have in months c: Even though I have less time now. Perhaps it is easier to create in this kind of environment. Not sure. I'd totally show a screenshot right now if my current asset was finished. It should be done tomorrow though -_- it's taking me a while because I'm working so much. I'm just so busy because it's opening week but soon I will be working once a week and going to classes and all of early school activities will be over.. Relief. Relief soon. I'm sure I'm sure.

Last thing.. I got new Mary Janes recently. I love them though I need to break them in. I've been wearing them a lot though. You can see them in like four of my outfits on my Pinterest board. I need to add them to the lolita wardrobe page.. I'm excited. When my Little Bear dress arrived, it will be so cute. I don't like being in over the top lolita in my daily life. I prefer wearing small petticoats and dresses that don't have prints and just cute hair accessories rather than headdresses. I think the Little Bear OP will honestly be perfect for that. Hopefully. We'll see.

Well, I should sleep now. School is starting for a lot of us so I hope if you're starting your semester, it goes well. Manifesting good grades, healthy sleep, and little to no debt for us all.

8.18.23 | it's 5AM

LOL i fell asleep writing yesterday's entry, so I'm back with this entry! i woke up really early. tonight i work from 8AM to 8PM. Exciting. I've got a lot to do today. Zine applications go public, start my shift, party tomorrow (gotta make coord), gotta work on RA door decs and other various decorations for my job, etc etc. I'm a busy bee.

I've got this idea forming in my head for the yuri jam, but I'm not sure I have time lol. I mean... I might, but I probably don't. The yuri jam is at a time where I will be very busy and honestly I kinda just wanna focus on school and Ommatophilia. I just. so tired. I so tired.

I need to.. chill out. I think i've been neurotic. I was isolating and kind of going crazy for a bit but now I'm feeling a bit better. Talking again.. Not being so angry. I need to.. figure out meeting times for my club. Since I have my schedule for the next week, I can finally start making plans, but guh.. I just have so little energy. Need to buy a multivitamin.

Maybe writing one entry a few hours after the other one isn't a good idea because I don't have much to talk about... I've been reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine after being recommended it by Mizunotic. I'm going through it slowly because I'm so busy, but maybe I'll have time soon.

8.17.23 | exhausted

Hiii, I'm so tired. The days of training have been long. Not really arduous, but just.. There's these meetings I struggle to stay awake in. For a few days I forgot my laptop and iPad, so I was just.. kind of sitting in the meetings doing nothing. I'd fall asleep really easily during the meetings, so I missed a lot of stuff. Hopefully it's still okay. I doubt everyone has everything from the hour long sessions memorized. And I have an RA handbook. Hopefully it's okay.

The resident directors and associate manager are really nice. I appreciate them. I feel at peace around them. Well, the most at peace I can feel around other people. I've been on edge without my laptop and iPad, but it arrived this morning. I've been vibing since them.

My brain is turning to goo. I'm so sleepy. I walked 21 minutes to get to the Asian grocery market. I have a fear of walking down streets alone because my family is always talking about kidnapping and trafficking of girls, but I needed soy sauce to eat my dinner. I also got red bean mochi, botan rice, furikake, and that's it i think. I'm so sleepy it's hard to remember. I also got frozen beef and pork sausage from a place on campus and protein powder for my smoothie.

If I had seasoning, things would be perfect. Revival of the cooking page? Revival of the cooking page! I just.. raelly need some vegetables for the rice balls. Unless I make beef riceballs. Apparently it has a more 'savory' flavor. I still need to season it though a quick google search tells me it's not that simple.
I just realize I left the thing that shapes the onigiri for me at home.. I'm going to just.. buy new one. I need one for home anyways so it's fine. I just got my first shift scheduled. I'll be working from 8PM-8AM on Friday. That's the night before my friend's birthday party. It's a lolita meetup. I've got a coord in mind already though I'm not sure yet. It's pretty casual but I think it's cute. I think most coords I go for will end up looking casual because I prefer simpler coords. I can just embrace it.

8.11.23 | reread old entries

I go back to school Saturday (technically tomorrow)... Wild.

I filled like 3 suitcases. Whoops. Hopefully they aren't over fifty pounds. My mom kept showing disbelief at me filling all those suitcases, but like... I am moving... Somewhere to live... I wanted to bring my wii but the suitcases are completely full. I have my switch and steam deck anyways. Emulation.

I updated my everskies avatar. The last time it was updated was like in January and I said I'd do it again 6 months from then. It's been a little over 6 months but that's fine.

I'd really like to make this outfit in real life now or something similar. I love cool pants. Since I'm going to actually get paid this semester and have a job I probably won't leave immediately, I can actually buy things. I've been browsing taobao for random clothes. There's so much cool stuff outside of lolita.

I've got this on my radar. It's red! It comes in black.. But I'm really taken by the red one. Lately I've been considering wearing more colors. I ordered a tartan lolita dress to dip into looking alternative while still wearing color. It's like... I want to expand my horizons. I don't make a Lot of money from my job so I can't go on spending sprees (Technically i can but I'm saving for something). I've calculated how much I should save from each paycheck to have enough for a plane ticket and a bit more just in case.

I'm excited again. You might be thinking... GIRL. You said this about your last job which you didn't keep. You said this about Wendy's which you only went to for one day. The thing about this job is that while it is technically customer service, I have to do it to keep my housing. LOL. Also I like helping people, and I think it will be fulfilling. It's like.. RA+. It's basically just more hours added onto my RA job. We don't get paid, only free housing, but they have this other position you can get paid for. They actually increased the pay this year thank god so I'll actually have spending money rather than desperately putting away all of my paycheck to prepare for summer plans.

Also, preparing plans. Going to watch Utena every week with friends. And going to hangout with Zed this Sunday hopefully in SL. He helps me feel so much less lonely. I recommended him the Mayfair Society podcast, and he actually listened.. Like really fast. It makes me happy. So happy.

I had a lot more to say this entry than I thought i would. I was honestly just gonna show off my new Everskies avi and go "SCHOOL TOMORROW" but we've got a few paragraphs in here. I hope you're having a nice day wherever you are. Be kind! Tell people you love them! Open your heart!



I've barely had time to do anything to my website. I've been travelling and I go back to school this weekend and I'm traveling more today and waaaahh. So so busy. When was the last time my website got a new page? Other than the statuses page which is nothing. Oh wait actually.. it's been less than a month since I made the Amina page.. So the website is growing nicely I'm just.. so soooo busy.

I made a status account for the webring on my fediverse instance, so now everyone can know how long it'll take. I felt bad because I didn't bring my laptop with me on first vacation, but sometimes I need a break from being so online. Of course, I got three webring applications while on vacations. I saw them sitting in my inbox. I have a rule that I don't update the ring from my phone mainly because I'll accidentally end up breaking something so I was just staring at them hoping they didn't think the ring was inactive haha. Well.. Simple solution to that, be able to update what I'm doing remotely. Here we are.

Hm what else? I've started my job as the Female STEM club president. Sending emails to people, getting website access, etc etc. I love being busy. I think the reason I was so anxious the last few days is because I didn't have much to keep me busy.

My Figure Zine seems like it's going to be much smaller than RPZinemaker but I don't mind! There's been a few writer responses to the interest check which.. I am happy T_T I was worried there'd be none. Give me your articles writers. I will eat them. I really am looking forward to seeing how Ashe lays out pages and seeing what is written. I love nonfiction. We have 30ish responses this time whcih is less than a third of RPZinemaker but admittedly this takes a lot of pressure off of me. This zine will be much more experimental. Even the way the interest form was formatted was kind of experimental. I was hoping to see if peopLE wanted more from this zine than just art of figures and they did. Some of the responses will be shared in like two weeks.

I need to update the ophazines website but.. I die. I haven't touched it since RPZinemaker. We have a carrd. Do I need to update the zine site aside frm when we have a new zine? I don't know. I could ask the other mods about it. I should probably add the logo as the header...

Anyway, I feel kinda bad! I've been getting followers and stuff here. Sweet interactions T_T but I'm so tired lately. I rarely check new websites or feel as though I have time to respond. I sometimes check in in 32bitcafe, but it's hard to exit the circle of friends I have now. Socializing is really hard and takes a lot of my energy.

TOOK A BREAK FROM TYPING. The trip I'm going on this weekend was cancelled. SO NOW I'm home for the weekend and I am gonna get on yno tomorrow. I feel bad. My cousin would've gone and I was looking forward to it, but parents kept bothering her and she just got tired of dealing with them. It made me realize I'm not willing to deal with them either haha.

I'm considering playing Second Life or working on the Cakes page. Not sure. Not usre. Sitting an dplaying Second Life sounds fun but I want to play with friends and everyone is busy I think. Maybe I'll ask Kail. I'm going to go bother Kail. Goodbye!!!