2.22.23 | vhssxnx

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2.19.23 | calming down

You know.. I wrote an entry on Valentine's Day and uploaded it to neocities, but the entry is gone and I looked in my files and the stuff I wrote disappeared. Perhaps it was a good thing because I was a bit.. Unstable I think.

I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day and you buy discounted chocolates the days after. I've been in a bit of a rage the past few days due to a personal situation. No one is helping me resolve it so I've been forced to take it in my own hands, and it has been very irritating. I'll just say.. There has been a lot of cleaning involved and this has been going on for months and I am finally reaching my limit.

Anyway, other than that, I've been doing okay. School has been a breeze this semester Because I'm barely putting in any effort.. When Exams come I will die.

My server will be a year old next month.. That's crazy. It's really become a source of joy for me. Last night we got on yno.

I love my precious friends..

I've always wanted to do.. Server events but I notice a lot of servers will plan events and then just not do them.. Or they do them for a few weeks and they stop. I wanted to wait until I was sure we had enough interest.. I didn't think that would ever happen but it did! I made roles for aggie and yno :-) Such a pleasant surprise.. The yno events will be biweekly (and there will probably be breaks during exams haha). We even vc while doing it which is such a good time. I love vcing.. I don't do it often enough.

I should talk about things that have happened irl too.. I've met a few people. I'm a bit scared to talk about it in depth because what if they find my website but what the hell haha. I hungout with one of them for six hours in the dining hall. We're both alt! She likes gothic rock. That rules. Another one added me on discord and said I seemed nice and she wanted to get to know me better.

Like I mentioned earlier.. there's a personal issue I need to take care of.. I keep bringing it up to the person causing the issue but she is not responding. It's. difficult. Very difficult. It made me make a decision on where I will be living next semester (and also this decision was made for financial reasons). I decided to apply to be an RA as well. Let's hope my honors activities entice them haha... I will get a large refund if I become an RA which will be nice. Of course, the downside is that I will be an RA but maybe this can get me more in touch with the community..?

Anyway.. I also.. Lost ten pounds.. I need to gain it back.. My pants are loose now and I can't find my belt. You might be wondering? How the hell did you lose ten pounds unintentionally. WELL. It's very cold outside and I hate walking to the dining hall and when I do walk to the dining hall, I often don't finish my food. I don't have a ride to the grocery store so I've just been... not eating. I plan to order groceries soon.. And get them delivered.. I'm just still holding out some hope that the person will take me to the grocery story (I have been waiting for over a month). I also might be losing because i've been off my antipsychotics, but honestly I'm not sure. Anyway, I am right around the underweight marker which is scary for me.

I can't wait to get groceries. I just want my over processed fried rice.

2.2.23 | talking about goals

Hello! Good evening. It's 12:30 AM making it barely the 2nd day of February. I slept all day today after dealing with lots of insomnia this week which means I am now behind on my work. Oh well haha. I will catch up this weekend (imagine me pumping my fist.) I have lots of goals, and now I am going to talk about this.

I'd like to make an art archive for this site. I have a lot of work dating back to 2016 private on my toyhouse and deviantart... i'm not sure I Should make an art archive because old work is kind of embarrassing, but.. Maybe I'll do one dating back to 2018 at least? I'm not sure! I have even older art at home sitting in sketchbooks, but tbh, I'm not sure about the dates of that stuff. Some of it has it written but most of it does not.

Two is a game development blog. I'd update it monthly between the 28th-31st. This would FORCE ME to get at least one thing done every month. Not going to lie, we'll see if I Actually do this lol. I'm mainly inspired by my friend Zed, the dev/artist Gertritude, and Milk Plus. They all have updates they do semi regularly, and well... I like posting single images to my tumblr blog for people to reblog, but I really want to do something more substantial. I don't know. We'll see. Maybe I'll just post on this website to avoid dealing with tumblr Notes... But i'd like to post updates on social media so people know my game exists you know?

Three... I want to redo the encyclopedia page. I really like the way it is now.. But I kinda want it to be more reminiscient of my giant grand toyhouse pages. It shouldn't take too long because i'll just be copy pasting a lot of my toyhouse information and editing it to be more up to date. I also plan to put ALL (most) of the art I've gotten of my characters up rather than for at a time.

That's all of my plans! I will mention some sillier things. I bought new underwear from cheekboss.. Happy. I got.. hypnotized by an ad of barely dressed women offering me free underwear.... They rule.

With an Amazon gift card I got for xmas, I got little hooks to save space in my closet. I ran out of space and my clothing has just been sitting in my suitcase. Now I can actually hang up things and clean my room T_T. My room isn't extremely messy but my suitcase is sitting in the middle of the floor full of clothes and I have clean laundry just sitting in my basket.

Hm... I showed my professor my website the other day and talked his ear off HAHAHAA. Really embarrassing but it was fun!! Sometimes I just... talk forever and ever.

Okay I go bye bye!! Happy black history month!! Stream Bad Brains!!!