Salutations! I have some things to say before you look at this blog.

The wonderful drawing in the corner is by my dear friend Bella/Uwuboa! Thank you!

All entries prior to 12/25/22 were moved over from FC2, so apologies for any formatting errors. I did a lot of work to make things readable and nice. The moving of things is a bit more obvious starting at July 2022, but I made sure it's all readable and tried to useless stuff from the exported entries. I was debating omitting some of these entirely as I started my blog in the middle of an abusive friendship while not medicated (and a lot of things happened at that time.. if you read the entries, you will know what I am referring to.), but I did not.

This was partially because the archivist in me would absolutely cry if I did not move everything over properly. The other reason is because I want to provide hope. Things really do get better. Honestly, I'm not sure if anyone will read all of those entries. I doubt it, but if you do, I hope it helps you realize it is possible to grow and change.

Lastly, there are no trigger warnings in this diary. I am a very mentally ill person. In my older entries, I would often talk about desires to harm myself without any filter. I was and still am recovering from my last abusive situation, and sometimes I write letters to my abusers or describe things that happened. Please don't read if any of this will upset you.

Much love. Warning over.