7.28.23 | im 20 now

hi. i am 20 now.

my birthday was july 25th. to be honest, it's been a rough few days before my birthday and afterwards though i'm finally recovering from all of it today thanks to a small dose of anxiety medicine i took last night haha. i've been feeling this terrible anxiety these past few days over irl and online stuff, but now it's gone. i'm relaxing in a cool stream. no rage. no fears. just vibes.

we're going on vacation tomorrow. i've decided to not bring my laptop. i've been working myself to death lately haha. i need to close my laptop and just relax for a week. i will be bringing my ipad though, so i may update my diary. i may not. we'll see.

i got my fediverse instance up and running at the url rpgmaker.cafe. my friends are using it, and some of them are also on misskey now which i also made an account on. i hope to make a small posting wall with all of my rpgmaker.cafe posts, but i've been running into a pagination issue. i will try to work on it today, but chances are i'll fix it after vacation.

i meant to update on my birthday or around that time, but i was dealing with a terrible migraine. it lasted for days along with the anxiety. finally i am normal again and can stare at my laptop screen for extended periods of time LOL.

hmm.. i should probably give an update on vncup stuff. my entry went up fine. there was a typo on the main menu lol which is the copy the judges have but i fixed it and tried not to despair over it lol. now i don't care. i love not caring.

anyway, this entry would've definitely been a lot more energetic and happy had i not been so anxious these past few days that my optimism was drained out of me lol. i am working on things. vncup page to have reviews for all vncup entries. doing pleroma API stuff. etc etc. exciting stuff! but. doing way too much at once recently so i need to chill the fuck out.

Oh the final exciting news. Ommatophilia REBOOOTEEED. i'm starting the dev process over (kind of). the map art will be the same, but a lot of the dialogue and designs will be updated. exciting stuff. i've had the desire to do this for a long time as the old stuff wasn't quite vibing with me anymore, but watching helter skelter (2012) on my birthday in the server with my friends FINALLY made me make the decision to do it. insane movie. highly recommend if u can deal with total chaos and explicit sex scenes lol.

I'll make fanart for it.. mark my words.

Also excited for car trip tomorrow!!! Going to read like i did last year c:

7.12.23 | i'm exhausted LOL but we are rolling


I've had a headache for four days but I think it is finally fading. The vncup ends in three days and something else happens in 3 days so.. Fun timing haha.

I've got a lot of little projects I've been writing about in my journal. Time to unveil them to the world!

Well, I'm working on a fediverse instance for me and my friends. I think I figured out what vps provider I'm going to use. My friend Ashe and Carson have been helping me as they're both way better at these things than I am. The VPS is exciting, but I also hope to host RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 games on it with EasyRPG to play with my friends. We'll probably still mostly use ynoproject but I'm excited. Limitless possibilities.

Sorry if your respect for me has gone down after learning I'm interested in the fediverse. It's just so cool. I think it's the ideal way for social media to exist. Lots of interconnected servers hosted by invididuals/groups. I have no interest in larger instances so... I'm excited.

Other projects! The next zine. Yeah. I can't describe what the next zine is YET, but the interest check goes up on the 15th! Hopefully. Lol. Unless migraine renders me incapcitated.

Another thing. I am now leader of the Female STEM club at my school. The president. Everything was transferred to me today. Amazing work. I don't know what I'm going to do to be honest LOL. Like.. The last time we talked about plans. The other STEM club at my school gets speakers in. Should I make a project for us all to do during club meetings? Or like.. Just talk? Watch movies? I'm not sure. I know I want to make a website for the club though and highlight projects of the club and overhaul the discord server.

I'm also an RA, so let's hope I can balance all of this ahaha. I told.. The RA interviewers I didn't plan to be president of any club. Whoopsies. I actually didn't plan to at the time but I genuinely believe I can bring a positive change to the club and I love being a leader!

In summary, life updates:
- Female IT Club President
- Next zine interest check going up 7/15/23
- VNCup VN releasing 7/15/23
- RA Position
- Virtual Private Server Soon
- Plemora Instance

There's a few more things I'm planning but that's most-


My birthday is in on 7.25.23. I forgo. The big 20. Goodbye teenage years! If you want to help me at all, a vps cost money LOL. So you can send money to my ko-fi or commission me if you want.

I got accepted to vgen recently so I'm offering commissions through there now. I haven't made an official announcement on my socials because I have to make the graphic and the four day headache wiped me out haha.

Lots of things happening.. Um.. I also signed up for Japanese and.. Yeah there's.. I might die this semester but that's okay. Wish me luck!