11.1.22|let it forever be imprinted in my memory

My friends think i'm cool.

Today is Halloween. I spent most of it in the library studying. They had a small ghost stories event.

I did not dress up because my wings were crooked and my dress was too small (finally gained back the weight i lost in Seattle), but I wore a cool outfit. i have a picture

I took the picture in the mirror of my friend's dorm room. They played video games while I studied. I tried to play warframe but i was so bad that i was embarrassed and gave the controller back.

My cousin and my friend went out to cook. My other friend, the girlfriend of that friend, came into the room. We talked about various things, like the cold winters, the homework i was struggling with, tiktoks, it was nice. She's really kind.

My friend brought me food. It was chicken and mashed potatoes. He brought his girlfriend food a few minutes later. She offered me her last few chicken nuggets. I was full and so was she.

We talked for a while longer. The friend told me about Phantasy Star Online 2 and how he thought i'd like it. I added it to my library on steam.

It was really fun.

We left. My cousin told me our friends think I'm cool. I was amazed. I texted my friend from my hometown and we celebrated. "RAAAAA" we texted one another.

Let it forever be imprinted in my memory. Even if nothing works out, Halloween of 2022 was a good day for me, the best Halloween I've had in years.