My friend Zed!! He's a big cat man. We spend a lot of time voice chatting, and he helps me mod my RPG Maker server. He was one of the original people I asked. I trust him a lot, and he comforts me when I don't feel well. I love his taste in art, and he's honestly one of the kindest people ever! I don't think I could face the world as confidently without him.


This is Kail! He's another mod of the RPG Maker server. I really adore talking to him. The artwork he creates is amazing and always makes me want to try harder! I like the raw emotions he puts into his work. We have a lot of similar tastes and sometimes make projects with similarities. I guess we have some sort of telepathy neither of us are aware of!


My friend Io! She has opened my eyes to so many things in the time I've known her! She has shown me the ways of evil women appreciating and has introduced me to a lot of art, music, etc! She is also one of the mods of the RPG Maker server! She supports me and cheers me on a lot, and I've tried a lot of new things because of her!


Hi Citrus!! Citrus, my shrimp friend! Citrus's art is really wonderful. I love how he draws different fashions, and zir's sense of color is wonderful! I really respect his work as a character designer, and ze greatly influences my artwork and inspires me to put more effort in my character designs. His website is also so wonderful!


This is my friend Bella! I don't remember how we met, but I'm happy we did. She's really lovely! Her art and personality is adorable, and she has reached out to me when she knows I'm not feeling well! There are times where I've been conflicted or confused about things and she made me not feel crazy. Thank you so much Bella!


Ashe!! Yay! Ashe is really wonderful. I think Ashe joined my server, and that was when we first interacted! She has a lot of knowledge of Yume Nikki history. She's also very comforting and has a good sense of judgement. She became a mod, and I'm very happy about it! She's also a part of ophazines with me. Much love for Ashe!


Hello Krish! Krish is a living walking princess. Krish messaged me out of the blue after finding my discord on my profile and asked to join my server! I'm so happy she did. They're such a delight to know. I like talking to her about school a lot since we're both STEM girlies into fashion.. We struggle together...


I met Mizuki in a web dev server, and then she joined my RPG Maker server. She has brought a lot of insight about Jfashion and has sent me links to wonderful things. She has a devotion to magical girls, and as someone who likes seeing how media relates to girlhood, I really enjoy seeing her insight on the genre!


I love Ichor! He's so silly. He helps me run ophazines, and he is also a member of the RPG Maker server. We both like art about weird things which makes me really happy! He has so many wonderful images and gifs. Sometimes we are talking and he appears with something wonderful, and it always makes me laugh!


My friend Wren! Mentally ill besties. Wren helped me through a really rough time in my life, and I don't know how I would've dealt with a lot of those situations without them! Their art is really wonderful too. The way they draw my characters brings me a lot of joy- there's few people who can make me feel the joy their art brings!


My darling Guts! I really enjoy talking to Guts. Sometimes I'm upset, and they encourage me to kill people, and it's nice because I feel anxious expressing anger to people. Guts makes me feel human!! They introduced me to a lot of cool music, artists, and I probably woudln't have started playing Second Life without them. Love you!!


My friend Niko! He's not super online, so we don't get to talk often, but when he is, it's always such a delight! We met through talking about the grief I was experiencing during a rough time, and our friendship truly allowed me to move on and embrace new things. I'm so happy this cowboy is in my life!!


Mimi is another member of the RPG Maker server! She's a very sweet vtuber in progress. Her taste in fashion is excellent, and they're mentally ill with me! I really enjoy her presence, and I love hearing about her hobbies. Her aesthetics are really different from mine, so I love seeing them and absorbing them!


My friend Lapin! I met Lapin on toyhouse when I asked her to do an art trade! I was so surprised when she said yes. I really like being friends with her. I have a lot of respect for her opinions, and her artwork is so beautiful. Also, her website always gives me so much inspiration and makes me want to try harder!


HIII Eden! Eden is my fwiend. We've known each other for quite some time since my Instagram artists days. We talk regularly despite the timezone hell! He's a really close friend, and I treasure him and want him to be the happiest he can be. I love his artwork; it's so cool! We're two peas in a pod.


My friend Lili! She's really sweet. I offered to help her with her neocities site when we first met; I could tell she was very nice based on little interactions we'd had online! We've played Second Life together, and she showed me a beautiful place called Mousehole that I still think about today!


My friend Acari. They are very dear to me and one of my very old friends. First met in 2016. I disappeared from everywhere, and they found me. They've supported me when I haven't been the best friend. I've always felt heard when speaking to them. I care about them deeply, and their perspective of the world is so beautiful to me. I want them to live happily.