help mala get to japan

Progress to $7000!
I made it!!!! I made it!!!! See you in Tokyo! Donations and commissions are still appreciated but honestly no worries!

hello! I am currently saving to study abroad in Japan in May-June of 2024. I appreciate all help I can get c: i will document everything on my blog and dedicate a page to my journeys afterwards c: While I hope to get most of my money via scholarships and working, I can only work 9 hours a week and scholarships aren't exactly the most plentiful. my friend suggested i try to crowdfund so here i am.

There are multiple ways to support me:

  1. Commission me!
  2. Donate to me via ko-fi! I'll give you a little doodle if you leave a message
  3. Share this page :3

If I don't meet my donation goal, I will simply put the money aside for studying abroad next year! So do not worry. It will not go to waste. I am including all money from donations and scholarships! Thank you so much for your support!