100 Lolita Questions

1 Please tell us your screen name, date of birth, and origin.
I'm Mala. I was born July 25th, and I'm from the United States.

2 What is your height, weight, clothing size, and shoe size?
I'm 5'4. Guess the rest!

3 What made you start doing Lolita fashion?
I've been interested in the fashion for several years and finally got enough money and space from my family to order a dress!

4 What is your favorite Lolita genre?
I'm a big fan of Old School Lolita. Maybe Old School Gothic Lolita specifically?

5 Do you have any particular commitment to that genre, or your own definition of it?
I'll probably most stick to mostly solid colored pieces popular in old school and early 2000s!

6 Do you have your ears pierced? How many piercings?
Yes. My ears are pierced. Just one piercing on both sides. I've had it since I was a baby

7 What is your favorite brand?
Baby the Stars Shine Bright maybe? Though I have a lot of respect for Moi Meme Moitie!

8 What is your favorite outfit?
Since I only have Nameless Poem, that one! I have other things I plan to order soon.. But Nameless Poem will probably always be my favorite.

9 Lolita How many friends do you have?
I'm not sure! I have some online friends and some in person too.. Over 7!

10 What was the best thing about doing Lolita?
Feeling like a princess and lolita meet ups!

11 On the contrary, what is the most disgusting thing?
Hm... maybe when someone sells something secondhand and it's not in the best state.

12 What is your favorite magazine?
Gothic Lolita Bible and I also like Fruits though it has less lolita

13 Headdress group? Team Bonnet? Team Headbow?
Headbow. I don't think a bonnet would suit me haha! I'm going to order a headbow soon.

14 Do you have bloomers?
Not yet! I just wear shorts.

15 Do you tie your headdress in front? or are you on the team that ties it behind your head?
I've only used hairties so far..

16 Do you have a favorite music genre or band?
I listen to a lot of things.. Right now I'm really enjoying Panchiko

17 What is your mobile phone ringtone?
It's just the default apple ringtone. I only call family haha

18 Do you go to lives in Lolita?
No... I haven't been to a concert in a while. When I go to a concert, I don't imagine myself in lolita.

19 For those who go to lives, do you headbang?
I tend to not. I prefer jumping up and down and dancing really badly.

20 What color do you like?

21 What are your hobbies?
Art, coding, writing, game deving, gaming, etc

22 Please tell me if you have a favorite perfume.
I like perfume that smells like desserts.

23 Is there anything you say “I'm careful about this” when it comes to lolita?
I get really anxious while eating when wearing lolita! I got yogurt on a new JSK recently!

24 Where are the places you visit / hang out at frequently?
I'm at the library a lot.

25 How many times a week do you wear Lolita?
I wear lolita infrequently. I want to start increasing it to biweekly as I add things to my wardrobe.

26 Please tell us the most embarrassing episode you had when you were a beginner in Lolita fashion.
Hmm.... I complimented someone's idol uniform and i think they thought I assumed it was lolita because it had a petticoat.. I didn't think it was! I was just complimenting it.

27 What is your hairstyle and color now?
Right now, I have a silk press though my hair is still very fluffy.. It's black. I'll have braids soon though. I'm not sure if they'll have any color or not yet!

28 How long have you been in Lolita?
I've been interested in the fashion for at least 7 years, but my first dress was worn April in 2023!

29 Do you have a dedicated lolita storage space?
No! I really wish I did.

30 Have you ever thought about leaving Lolita? If so, why?
I've thought about what I'll do in the future if I lose interest or feel old.

31 What is your motto?
I'd rather my outfit be borderline ugly than boring.

32 What are your dreams for the future?
I want to make a lot of money to support my hobbies.

33 “This person would definitely look good on Lolita!” Are there any celebrities you think that about?
I don't think about celebrities frequently or know of that many, but the girl who plays Alice in Twilight is very pretty. She'd look great in old school gothic lolita with a rectangle headdress.

34 Please tell us the item with the most memories and those memories.
Nameless Poem! I went to my first meetup in it.

35 What was the first item you got?
Nameless Poem was my first main item! Though I got the socks I wore with it years ago.

36 Do you have a signature pose for taking a picture?
Prayer pose and spread legs apart and bend them inwards slightly.

37 What is the “Bible” of your heart? (Like what Books, magazines, CDs, etc. represent your inner self)
I think it's difficult to find things that represent my heart that isn't made by me.. My website represents my heart and so does my pinterest board haha!

38 How many centimeters tall is the highest heel you have?
My tallest heels are my Last Chance Chunky Dolly Shoes. I'm not sure how tall they are.. It doesn't say on the website.. but they're pretty tall.

39 Have you ever worn a tiara?
Not with lolita!

40 Do you want to be a prince once in a while? What kind of prince? Dark system? Hakubakei?
Is this in reference to Ouji? I'm interested a bit. I think it's so cute. Women who wear it are really lovely to me.

41 What kind of lace do you like?
I like when lace is on collars and the end of dresses. I also like the old school dresses where it decorates the end of ruffles or is on the chest.

42 Do you own a (ball jointed) doll? Those who have them are usually so enthusiastic about them!
No... I told myself I'd never allow myself to buy one...

43 What's inside your lolita bag right now?
Pens.. Wallet..

44 What is your favorite flower?

45 What is your favorite accessory right now?
My coffin earrings

46 Please tell us your favorite / recommended cosmetics.
I'm not a big makeup person!

47 Bright eyes are the hallmark of being a doll! So do you use false eyelashes? If you have any tips on how to use them, please let me know.
I don't.. I wear glasses! So it feels silly to do lots of eye makeup.

48 What is your particular eye makeup style?
I like heavy eyeliner but I don't wear it myself.

49 Is your lipstick red? Blue? black? pink?
My lipstick is dark brown.

50 What color do you often use for nail polish?

51 Have you ever changed your clothes in the toilet at the train station?

52 Have you ever had twin loli or triplet loli? impression?
No! But I hope I can someday.

53 What are you doing to keep in shape? Recommendations?
I walk around college campus.

54 Are you calm when alone in lolita? (ヒトリでロリータ、平気?)
Hmm.. I'm always a little bit anxious when alone. I don't wear it alone often.

55 How much do you spend on lolita each month?
I don't spend monthly! I tend to spend randomly.. I could give an estimate but it's a bit embarrassing.

56 Did you have any time lag between learning about Lolita fashion and actually doing it or resistance to starting?
My time lag was over half a decade. Maybe even a whole decade.

57 What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought? (In relation to Lolita)
Nameless Poem.

58 Lolita really costs money, doesn't it? How do you pay for Lolita?
I save from chores and other things... I'll have a job next semester.

59 Just here. How much is the total cost you have spent so far?

60 Is there a store you would like to see nearby?
Baby the Stars Shine Bright.. but I know that won't happen.

61 Just between us, is there a store that makes you say: 'that's a rip-off!'?
Angelic Pretty.. I don't really care for Angelic Pretty but some of the recent designs look like they came from Hot Topic.

62 Have you ever used an online shop? If you have, please give us some advice on the good points and bad points. If you haven't, tell us why not.
Yes! Most things I buy are online nowadays. I would avoid buying from DevilInspired and use 42lolita. I'd log into taobao itself and look through specific brands you see on 42lolita or devilinspired and buy from it with a shopping service.

63 Just between us, even if you want to keep it your own secret, what's an indie brand that makes you go “this is exactly my style”.
I like things from a variety of indie brands.. I don't have a favorite yet.

64 Absolutely out of reach! But I want it! Do you have any brands or products like that for you?
Moi Meme Moitie.. I won't be able to afford it for a long time.

65 What do you do with your tired old clothes?
I will sell them.

66 What was the most recent lolita and non lolita item of clothing you bought?
The most recent lolita thing I bought was a lot of blouses. The most recent non lolita thing I bought.. I bought this beautiful journal that closes magnetically from a used bookstore.

67 What is something you missed out on that you’ll never see again, but you can’t forget?
A key necklace. Technically I'll see others.. but not that exact one..

68 What do you think of dressing as a Lolita only during live performances?
I would wear lolita to a musical or something like that. It sounds nice.

69 What do you think of No-Makeup-Lolita?
I don't really wear makeup! It's fine to me. Most of my favorite pictures of people in lolita don't have makeup or have very little.

70 You suddenly meet another person totally wearing Lolita! What do you do?
"OMG! Hiii."

71 How old is a Lolita allowed to be?
A lolita can be any age!

72 Under what conditions do you think Lolita should graduate? (You can answer ‘continue forever’)
Lolitas can continue forever!

73 Stop this! Are there any things no one should do in Lolita fashion?
Hmm... I think judging people for not only buying brand is bad.

74 Do you have a specific sense of what a perfect Lolita should be?
I think a lolita who is happy in what they are wearing is a perfect lolita

75 Other than what you said 73, what is something you wish people wouldn’t do?
I don't like when people say things that are incorrect or aren't historically accurate.

76 What do you think about Lolita fashion for men?
Lolita is fun regardless of gender. At the meetup, there was a guy in OTT sweet and he looked great! Everytime I see him I'm very envious of how well put together his coords are.

77 Have you changed in any way since you started Lolita?
I'm more sleepy now.

78 What do the people around you say about you wearing Lolita? Do you accept it?
"You look great" or "What are you cosplaying?" or "You look like Alice In Wonderland"

79 What kind of lolita fashion do you do in the hot summer months?
I haven't gotten to summer yet.. I will be home in the summer so I probably won't wear lolita.

80 Do you go to school or work in Lolita?
I plan to!

81 What is your usual outfit style?

82 Do you have any objections to second-hand goods?
No! Just make sure it doesn't look bad and it's clean

83 Do you have a boyfriend (or husband)? Does he understand?
I'm a lesbian! And I'm single.

84 Please tell us your ideal male image.
I'm a lesbian! I like women who enjoy learning and are interested in similar things to me.

85 What kind of person is the Lolita who left the biggest impression on you?

86 Have you ever made your own clothes? What kind of clothes is it?
I've never made clothes.

87 Have you ever made an accessory yourself? What did you make?
I did when I was younger. I made bows and chokers and stuff, but I don't have any of it anymore.

88 This thing I made was a great success! Is there anything you feel that way about?
I put together an old school coord and felt so successful! I felt like I stepped out of the 90s.

89 Tell us if you have an ideal Lolita outfit or coordination.
I've made a few coords I really like.. But there's like these skirts.. I think they're called tartan? I want the red tartan skirt with a black old school shirt! Like.. A nice old school punk coord.

90 Is there anyone you admire? What kind of person are they?
I admire a lot of people, especially my friends

91 You can date any person for just one day. The other person will also dress however you want. Who is it and what kind of date?
it would be embarrassing to say haha

92 What kind of store would you like to have if you were to open one in the future?
I'd like to open a store for goth shoes

93 When looking at lolita, your eyes will go straight to this motif. What is it?

94 Do you want your child to be a Lolita too?
I want my child to be whatever they want to be.. Maybe I don't want them to be a lolita because it's expensive

95 How much can I spend on one loli outfit?
Oh no.

96 This is quintessentially Lolita! Is there a certain gesture that makes you think this.
Not really... I guess pigeon toes.

97 I want to wear that once in my life! Do you ever think that about any style other than lolita?
Visual kei! I've done visual kei inspired looks but I don't think I've ever been like.. truly in a visual kei outfit

98 Looking at your Lolita collection or style, what one word would you use to sum it up?

99 What is your ideal Lolita image?
Strange girl who's clothing looks old or.. Catholic in aesthetic only.

100 Thank you very much! Please give us your impression of answering 100!
It was really fun ^w^