Welcome to the library. This is where I document things my feelings on things I've read. It's done rather randomly and quickly. I might write about something I read many years ago on a whim. I hope you enjoy it.

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Another manga by Ebine Yamaji! I read it last night. Indigo Blue is a story about cheating. There is no way around it. It really makes you dislike the protagonist, Rutsu. There are other reasons to dislike the protagonist as well, but I think Ebine Yamaji is well aware of this. It was an interesting read. The love interest of Rutsu is very likable to me though you know very little about her. I wish we'd been able to spend more time with her.

I always enjoy reading Yamaji's work because it reaffirms that I am a lesbian. The way she describes her character's feelings are so relatable to me. Seeing how a lesbian navigates her relationship with a man while having a lover on the side was fascinating even if it was a bit painful.I'll probably reread it again in the future. 9.22.22

I read Junji Ito's Cat Diary a few months ago. It was so cute. So cute. Oh god I love cats. I'm a dog person, and so is Junji Ito, but this manga really made me fall in love with those little creatures. Junji Ito's wife is funny and the illustrations of her never failed to make me laugh. The cats, Yon and Muu, are the most adorable creatures. It's always fun to see their personalities. 9.22.22

Daily Jojo is a webcomic by Donggeon Lee, the creator of one of my favorite comics, Yumi's Cells. I've been reading it for a while. Embarrassingly enough, I must admit one of the cliff hangers got me and I spent 99 cents to see the next chapter. It was worth it. Something I'd long been waiting for happened and I shouted "that's what i've been waiting for!!!!!" It was so exciting for me. I really love Donggeon Lee. He's a fantastic writer.

I haven't even mentioned what it's about. It's about the friendship of Eunjo Lee, a messy office worker, and Wan Jo, a very put together office worker. They rub off on each other. I really connected with Wan Jo and feel for him. Both characters are really likable. I wish I could read it nonstop all the time. The chapters are at a nice sweetspot9.21.22

I really enjoy Belzebubs. I read bits of it on Instagram a few years ago though Instagram just isn't very great for reading webcomics.. I lost track of where I was because it's Instagram. Anyways, the creator has been uploading it to webtoon. It brings me a lot of joy. While I'm not a satanist, I am goth so seeing these goth-adjacent characters living their happy horrific lives brings me a lot of joy. It's one of the few slice of life works I enjoy. 9.21.22

Love My Life is a manga with a lot of gay people and a likeable straight character. It is the first work I read by Ebine Yamaji, and I think of it fondly. I actually watched the movie first, and they're very similar.. There's aspects of both I like more than the other. The worst thing is that the movie it does not depict Take-chan's boyfriend.. And also... I feel like the movie makes Ichiko a bit too blameless in one situation. If you watch the movie or read the manga, you might know what I'm referring too.

I think Ebine Yamaji has a thing for lesbian skinheads. 9.20.22

I read Free Soul yesterday, so this is fresh on my mind. I really like Ebine Yamaji's stories. Partially because she seems to really enjoy drawing black characters. It sparks a lot of joy. She always does a really good job too!! But the main reason I got into her work is because I was searching for yuri with adult characters.

My feelings regarding Free Soul.. I enjoyed her other work Love My Life a more. The characters in this story were likeable, and the story itself was solid, but.. I disliked the ending. It felt like I needed a bit more to time to justify it.9.20.22

Chainsaw Man was a really good read. I read it because I saw Dorohedoro fans talk about it, and I love Dorohedoro!! The title is literal!! It's the tale of a chainsaw man. I'm really looking forward to the anime coming this fall. I'm curious how they'll deal with how fast paced it is. There were pages of action much like Dorohedoro. I'm excited to see Power on screen. Did you know I actually drew Power a few months ago? I should add it to the gallery.

I got a bit off topic. I think Chainsaw Man has very interesting things to say about love. It is a core theme. I also really enjoyed the twists and turns of Chainsaw Man. It was really difficult for me to predict what would happen next. Sometimes... I think of the ending and go "haha what was that?"9.20.22

My Wandering Warrior Existence... I read this a few months ago. I found it on the shelf at Barnes and Noble and spent the last of my money of it as a big Kabi Nagata fan. It really made me think about marriage and what it means to me. As someone who struggles with interpersonal relationships and can't imagine using a dating app or trying to pick someone up at a bar, it really reached me. The discussion of gender also made me laugh as someone who also doesn't really have the energy to think about gender.

There's also a rather description of csa in this manga just as a warning to anyone interested in reading it. There's a warning in the manga itself and a page to skip to. I'd like to write about the first books in Kabi Nagata's series after I reread them.9.20.2022

I really like Kabi Nagata and enjoy all of her works. Of her work, this is my least favorite one though contains the quote "To Japanese people, alcohol is alcohol" which made me laugh.

I always feel a deep sadness reading Kabi Nagata's work. This did not evoke that deep sadness for me. I believe Nagata was struggling with how to approach writing about her personal life, and she discusses it in this manga. It really shows in the writing.9.20.22

I started The Guy She Was Interested In Wasn't A Guy At All a few days ago. It's cute. I used to read lots of yuri in high school, so reading this was a nice throwback to that time in my life. The updates are really short. It reminds me of reading old school webcomics. The title really explains the premise. Girl meets a guy, forms a crush, and Surprise! The guy is actually an androgynous girl. I have no strong feelings about it really. 9.20.22

Yumi's Cells was a webtoon by the artist Donggeon Lee. I read throughout high school. It was a refresher. I'm really fond of stories about adults. I think modern day media has a strange fixation on youth, so seeing Donggeon's work about office workers makes me very happy.

You go through the life of Yumi and her cells. Her cells represent her various emotions such as love, lust, hunger. It taught me some things about love. It ended during my senior year of high school, and I was so happy to reach the conclusion but grieved over my comfort webtoon no longer updating.9.19.22

It has been many years since I read My Little Monster. At first I thought I was a freshman in high school, but it's worse than that. I must've been in my second or third year of middle school. I remember reading it on the computers in my creative writing class. I based my emotions on Shizuku Mitzuni's.. I don't think I can ever reread this manga as it is definitely not as good as I remember. I tried to once, and the rape threat in the first volume made me close it forever. Middle school me loved the characters because they reminded me of myself. I'd never seen a slice of life manga with such extreme degrees of mental illness. I'd never seen protagonists quite like Shizuku and Haru. It felt like they were placed in the wrong genre, but for me, it felt like home.

I still have some of the pages from My Little Monster saved on my tumblr and they remind me of the feelings I felt in middle school. The endless loneliness, the days repeating, my disconnect from others. I can't bring myself to read My Little Monster again, but some part of me still believes there are sparks of genius in that strange manga. 9.19.22

I read My Heart is A Chainsaw while on my way to college. It was part of my aspiration to read more books as I was an avid reader as a child but fell off... This was an exciting start. The book quickly engrossed me. The protagonist is an indigenous girl named Jade living in a gentrifying town. She has an obsession with slasher filmns and the events in her life seem to be mirroring that of one of her films. The question is: is she delusional or is the world around her really that of a horror flick? It was a long read, but I read it nonstop over the course of 4 days.. On car rides, in amusement park lines, at restaurants. I hope to read more by Stephen Graham Jones. It's part of a trilogy actually. The next book is already out.. If I had money I'd buy it. 9.19.22

I think I read Sweet Home during my senior year of high school or maybe sometime afterwards. It was a very good read, and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to start reading webtoons. It makes you understand Why people spend so much money on fastpasses. The cliff hangers are good, the characters are very well-written. The story is excellent. My primary issue with it is that it is a bit short. The conclusion made me wish for more.. I need to reread it.9.19.22