Today you will learn about my wonderful friend Zed! I made this for his birthday!!! I'm so happy that you've made it this year, and I'm so happy I've met you!! You've been one of the most wonderful friends I've ever had especially after the awful ordeal I went through during the first parts of our friendship. Your patience has been lovely, and you showed me that there was so much kindness in the world again. It's safe to trust others and to rely on them.

You give me the courage to take on the day. When I see messages from you, I light up! I glow! Sometimes I'm really scared of everything happening around me, but you reassure me and comfort me. I'm so happy when we voice chat, when we play games, when we draw together, and other things! Thank you for sending me fashion that reminds you of me! I love sending you things too. I'm happy I introduced you to Second Life. I love hanging out with you in game.

Your art is so gorgeous. I hope you know that. The amount of skill you have constantly amazes me, and I love your concepts and ocs. I'm always honored to playtest your games and I love when you show me what you're working on. I am such a big Skim Milk fan!!!! I can't wait for his game to come out!!!! Give me the moldy catboy!!!

Sometimes, life seems so dark, and then I talk to you, and suddenly, I can see, you know?

Let's play all the games in the world!! Let's take on the world together!! Yeehaw!!