Internet Writings I Like

Sukiyaki City's Junko Furuta Tribute and Shrine - I think it's important to remember victims' lives and celebrate the happiness they brought to others in the wake of tragedy.

Tyoma's "The Curse Of Being A Teenage Girl" - This is an article about Tyoma's experiences growing us as a teenage girl. Some of it felt like looking in a mirror, and I deeply connected with it.

Good News, The Internet As We Know It May Be Doomed by Suboptimalism - I really enjoy reading suboptimalism's writings and this is one of my favorites. This article is about how the current state of the internet likely won't last forever for several reasons. I am looking forward to the future of the internet

Sleepydev's Recovering from Dopamine Addiction - This article inspired me to cut back on my internet surfing habits. Rather than obsessing over social media, I've been obsessed with forums and imageboards, and I'll read/socialize for hours at a time. I decided to use URL blockers to combat this obsession. Wishing Sleepydev luck too!

Toby Fox's Secret Base Volume 4: Yume Nikki - This is a translation of Toby Fox's 'interview' with Kikiyama. It also has some of Toby Fox's thoughts on RPG Maker games. This is a favorite of mine for obvious reasons

Fashion (Mostly Lolita)

Translation: Japanese Lolitas Complain - An archived site of translations from 2001-2002 of Lolitas on 2chan complaining

The Forgotten Garden - Archives of vkei and lolita websites

Beepbox - A chiptune music program that works in browser
Bitsy - A little pixel game engine that works in browser
Twine - An interactive story game engine that can also work in browser. Can be integrated with Bitsy
Online Blinkie Creator - An online blinkie creator- has some other goodies too
Error Messager Generator - Make your own error messages
Renpy - A visual novel engine that uses it's own scripting language and python

Nana825763 - A horror artist and game developer. I highly recommend POKOPOKOPIKOTAN.
Atomic Shrimp A British YouTuber who enjoys foraging, scambaiting, and crafting. His scambaiting videos are very popular but I personally enjoy his mushrooming videos and woodworking
The Vape A guy who makes music instruments with various objects.
danooct1 A Youtuber who showcases viruses, malware, and worms
Shintaro Kago - A popular horror artist. This is his youtube channel which is less well known for some reason
AliasConradColdwood Archive - An archive of Alias Conrad Coldwood's music
Skill Up - A YouTube channel that focuses on gaming news and reviews. He really likes Destiny. Probably my favorite and most comforting channel at the moment. Not too optimistic but not overly cynical. I just find him pleasant to listen to and he makes me realize new things about game development and the industry all the time

Fun Stuff
YN Project - Hosts Yume Nikki games and fangames online. 2kki is here
Piracy.Moe - Website that lists piracy sites. Do you need to find something very obscure that definitely doesn't have a license? I recommend starting here. Apologies for the NSFW /images.
Open Library - An online library with many many books
Libgen - books
Guide to accessing z-library
Yokai - Japanese folklore encyclopedia
Magmadex - Generates RSS feed for manga updates using mangadex.
- A web developer discord server run by my friend Ophanim

No Longer Online and Excluded from Wayback Machine
Create Something Terrible by Bikobatanari - This is an article about creating terrible art and how in a world where professionals and hobbyists share the same spaces, it's important to continue making things we want to make. It really reached me. Bikobatanari has several other fabulous writings as well.