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rehAIbilitation is a project Zed and I made for VNCup 2023! The theme was "any flavor of trans, queer, and gendery nature." I've always dreamed of collaborating with a friend.. It finally happened! And we made something beautiful I think!

What is it about you ask? A lolita travels to an isolated place in hopes of fixing herself, leaving behind something dear to her. She meets a peculiar nurse.

It focuses on themes such as transness, mental illness, etc! It is intended for mature audiences due to content such as nudity, mental struggle, eating disordered behavior, and self harm.

Ommatophilia Demo
Ommatophilia is a surreal horror game in development about angels. You play as the Angel Cakes, a girl trying her very best to be happy with her friends despite her circumstances. This is the demo.

Explore the world of Ithal with your companions as you prepare to say farewell to Blue, an angel who will soon undertake Departure. Talk to several angels, solve puzzles, and meet those who do not have faces.

Come to Ithal dear player! Embrace the eyes. Learn to say goodbye! This might need to be under work in progress but it's the demo.. So it can be under finished projects.. Yes...

Devil's Food
This is my visual novel I made in renpy. Ver 1.0 while very sick and overmedicated in high school. Ver 2.0 was finished April 2nd of 2022. The goal is to survive the day with two pastel goths. Find their secrets and figure out how to keep them from stabbing you to death. Good luck! It is available to play in browser.

RPZinemaker is the first zine run by my zine studio, Ophazines. That sounds so professional right? I couldn't have done it without the other mods! They're all listed here. Special thanks to Cal Sabatani for offering to be the layout mod! His work was invaluable, and you should check out and support his work!

The zine is available to download on itchio or you can peruse it online at

I was interviewed by KingPoss! I talked a lot about my projects, my time abroad, other things. It was really fun though quite anxiety inducing! The recording is up here; feel free to check it out. Be kind to my dorky voice.

Also, you should totally reach out and be interviewed by KingPoss if you're interested! It's really fun! And check out his other broadcasts.

works in progress

My Figure Zine
My Figure Zine is the next zine by ophazines! Currently in development. Check it out

Squid Girl World
After crash landing on a planet covered in mushrooms, our protagonist Aseroe meets a squid girl named Sepia.. Learn what it means to be lonely and find comfort in the apocolypse. This project randomly goes up for download depending on my mood.

Author's Notes This project was made for the in less than two weeks for the vncup. I had so many plans for it. I wanted to add more cgs, make an unlockable about world page on the homescreen, but I crashed hard and couldn't look at another line of code or pick up my pencil. My brain just wanted to lie under my covers and sink into the abyss. Also, the final version of the file went missing during my hard drive failure so the uploaded version is technically the beta version hence why it is no longer downloadable.

My ultimate plans are to Attempt to remake it in 2024 for Nanoreno (Or another visual novel jam if I find one). I will be making all the code and art for scratch as the style I used during the vncup is not what I wanted. Please wish me luck.