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Devil's Food
This is my visual novel I made in renpy. Ver 1.0 while very sick and overmedicated in high school. Ver 2.0 was finished April 2nd of 2022. The goal is to survive the day with two pastel goths. Find their secrets and figure out how to keep them from stabbing you to death. Good luck! It is available to play in browser.

Ommatophilia Demo
Ommatophilia is a surreal horror game in development about angels. You play as the Angel Cakes, a girl trying her very best to be happy with her friends despite her circumstances. This is the demo.

Explore the world of Ithal with your companions as you prepare to say farewell to Blue, an angel who will soon undertake Departure. Talk to several angels, solve puzzles, and meet those who do not have faces.

Come to Ithal dear player! Embrace the eyes. Learn to say goodbye!

works in progress

Squid Girl World
After crash landing on a planet covered in mushrooms, our protagonist Aseroe meets a squid girl named Sepia.. Learn what it means to be lonely and find comfort in the apocolypse.

Author's Notes This project was made for the in less than two weeks for the vncup. I had so many plans for it. I wanted to add more cgs, make an unlockable about world page on the homescreen, but I crashed hard and couldn't look at another line of code or pick up my pencil. My brain just wanted to lie under my covers and sink into the abyss. Also, the final version of the file went missing during my hard drive failure so the uploaded version is technically the beta version hence why it is no longer downloadable.

My ultimate plans are to Attempt to remake it in 2024 for Nanoreno (Or another visual novel jam if I find one). I will be making all the code and art for scratch as the style I used during the vncup is not what I wanted. Please wish me luck.

Untitled A visual novel about a sentient computer virus.