project development

♰ 9.23.21 ♰

New blog layout! I wanted to do something cuter for a while, so I went for a journal layout. I was hoping to use tables, but I ended up just using containers again... Will I ever use a table or will I be trapped in container hell forever? I think I might add more cute things to this blog eventually or mess with the layout some more but no energy for that right now!

The art percentage is empty because the math for it is a bit longer and I don't feel like doing it right now. Maybe later.

I haven't done a lot really, so there's not much more to discuss. I didn't do everything I wanted to do in the last update- navbar is still very bare. I'm also still in a strange digital art block so I'm just drawing traditionally- hopefully that dissipates soon or I can find a solution using traditional and digital art.

It's morning here, and I am a bit tired. I feel like I'm forgetting to mention something here but I can not stop yawning.. I hope everyone has a nice day today.

♰ 9.20.21 ♰

Apologies for the lack of updates. I have not been busy- just very tired and mentally ill. I am finally medicated and getting back into art, and I even have a muse. Let's start the update and plan list.

The first thing I will discuss is Ommatophilia. I have taken a short break from working on Ommatophilia in rpg maker mv directly though I am still working on the script itself. Writing is going smoothly- I am 14% done with the script though hope to make a large amount of leeway by October. I plan to work on something each day in October and hopefully reach 100% completion with writing by the 31st. In theory I could do it earlier. I am finally able to focus with the help of Lexapro. I have also finished most of the sprite work! I just need to add some outfit variation.

Updates for this website... I have been on the downlow about it but I will go into plans now. I'd like to change the navbar a bit since it is just text now. I am coding an about section for my ocs, but I keep not liking the direction I go in so I restart. I am a clown. Another update is I want to have a chart with my project percentages lied out... Like stating what percentage I am done with each project. I have figured out a way to calculate it properly and it's very fun, and it will force me out of my comfort zone. Isaac is finally forced to stop using containers for every little thing. I also hope to make this blog look a Bit nicer- cuter even. I have a layout idea but I have to make sure it is compatible with mobile first.

Next- personal project. I have another neocities website I'm working on as well aside from my NSFW comic site.. I don't want to go into details aside from saying that it is a personal website and it will be more interests focused than art focused. It is taking a while to code though, and it is a bit of a larger undertaking. It Will Not be compatible for mobile devices. I had to limit myself a bit with this site making it compatible for everyone since all of my art stuff is hosted here but no longer. I did try my best though to make it compatible as I was working but I was very tired of working that way :( I just want to have fun. I am not sure if it will 18+ plus yet. It will likely not be for the faint of heart so 16+ might be the minimum perhaps.

Now for my NSFW art site- Update wise it has been rather slow as last month I was dealing with a lot of mental illness symptoms and the stress of moving. I do have some assets made for it though. Now I am able to pick it back up. Perhaps it will be publicly available in late September or October. No promises. It should be compatible with mobile browsers if all goes well. I plan to update the Squid Girl world project soon. The image is made for it, and I even made my own font.

That is all. In the next update I'll try to provide images of Ommatophilia gameplay as well

♰ 8.3.21 ♰

Hello I have successfully moved out. I'm kind of fucked up mentally if I'm being honest so haven't jumped head first into game or web dev yet. I've been working on my comic though and drawing and other relaxing things.. Slowly getting back into the swing of things.

Also, we are officially on the Jaup membership list woo! Little website +5 internet points... I decided to add other links to my links page to other sites and things just because adding other sites to my about page.... It wouldn't be neat and small anymore. I'm going to keep those sites there since a lot of them are friends or provided inspo for me, but add other links to my links page... Not enough energy to Completely overhaul it yet.

♰ 7.21.21 ♰

Development blog started. I will be busy July 25th and the days after (possibly through early August..?) as will be my 18th birthday and I am moving out of my house. After that, I am going to hopefully post here consistently (and provide longer updates)!

main project

♥ ommatophilia ♥
writing: 14%
code: 5%

side projects

♥ this website ♥
♥ squid girl world ♥
♥ untitled horror vn ♥
♥ personal website ♥