Are you looking for a commission? Well you've come to the right place! I assume you're familiar with my artwork if you're here so let's start the shebang.

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Commission Sheet

More details below.
Digital Work

Headshot | $35
Half Body | $60
Full Body $75
Semi Chibi | $45
+$20 per additional character
additional $10 for drawn background
Pixel Work

Blushie | $35
Blinkie | $40
Animated Blinkie | $45
+$10 for additional limb movement (blinking / expressions free)
Outfit Sheet

Base Price includes Two Outfits and One Body
Pixel Outfit Sheet | $55
Digital Outfit Sheet $95
+$10 Per Additional Outfit

See a style that isn't here that you're interested in you've seen me create? Please let me know! I am willing to negotiate.

I am open for commercial work! Please discuss it with me for further details- the price varies depending on the size and scope of the project.

discord: ophanim#7466

TOS - I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason.
- Do not involve my artwork in blockchain. My artwork is not available for commercial use unless discussed with me in advance.
- Larger edits are acceptable prior to the color stage. Color adjustements are always acceptable and free of charge.
- Artwork can be edited by the receiver however, artwork edited to include something hateful will result in blacklisting.
- I accept payment via paypal only.
- Nudity is fine but only if the character is 18+ and the recipient is 18+
- I only acccept payment prior to beginning the commission- half upfront is acceptable if you have done commissions with other artists in the past and have good standing within the community (ie a reference)
- If you are unsure about my ability to draw something, you can request a loose sketch in advance if you are considering commissioning me.

DOs / DONTs - I will do Some anthro / furry work (ask)
- I will do Some armor if I am provided a thorough reference (ask)
- I am willing to work with various body types, hair types, skin tones, and other diversity

- Explicit NSFW and fetish work
- I will not draw any underage / characters appearing underage in a suggestive manor
- I won't draw any political content or address any discourse
- I won't do anything involving NFTs, crypto, or blockchain. I will block you.